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Mushy act

Title: Mushy act
Author: ita90
Pairing: Changwook
Genre: fluff
Warning: unbeted
Disclaimer: I own only my story, but I want to own the boys too T.T
Summary: It’s hard to act cute towards the one you love.

SM party, two suspicious looking man in the corner talked with each other using  gestures, showing that their conversation was intense.
"I can't do it like that Donghae hyung!" Ryeowook disagree, shaking his head. He glanced across the room at two tall boys that were talking to Super Junior's leader.
"What you can't do? You always act cute! Why not with him?" Donghae said frustrated, couldn't get his member's shy act.
"N-No, I just can't." Ryeowook's cheeks flushed red when he glanced at the particular tall boy across the room and get caught by the other.
"It's not so hard, look." Donghae hide his face behind his hands then revealed himself while making heart shape with his hands. This act made Ryeowook giggle then laugh when Donghae smiled goofy at him. "You turn." Donghae cheered , but Ryeowook shook him head. "Go on." Hae patted the other's boy arm.
"Ok..." Ryeowook mumbled. He done the same act like his hyung but instead of smile he batted him eyelashes flirtatiously. Donghae seeing that, laughed hysterical making Ryeowook laugh with him too.
"With that you will rather make him laugh or feel disgusted." Hae commented after both of them calm down.
"Then what I should do?" Ryeowook huffed and pouted, sticking his lower lip out. He didn't noticed that the tall boy was walking towards them.
"This cute act will work and maybe this." Donghae grinned and leaned closed to Ryeowook. He kissed Ryeowook's cheek making the younger boy gasp from shock and look at him.
"What you have do..." Ryeowook's question was cut off when someone wrapped his arm around his shoulder and pulled him backward. Ryeowook turned his head and saw taller boy's furious face.
"Ch-Changmin..." Ryeowook stuttered then flushed red when Changmin's arms wrapped around him more firmly, making the taller boy back hug him.
"I see you have fun with Donghae hyung." Changmin said with a smile, while his eyes were throwing daggers at Hae who tried not to laugh.
"Ryeowook was acting cute towards me I couldn't resist to kiss him." Donghae giggled when Changmin's smile turned to wry one. "Ryeowook show Changmin how cute you can act." Hae bit his inner cheek when Ryeowook paled suddenly. The shorter boy looked from Donghae to Changmin, feeling so miserable and small all of sudden. He was so spacing out that he didn't noticed how Donghae bid them goodbye and went away, leaving both of them alone.
"I-I'm not as good as Donghae hyung. Maybe he should...huh? Where is hyung?" Ryeowook looked around them but Donghae was nowhere to be seen. Ryeowook wondered how the other could disappear all of sudden and he didn't noticed it. But the body that was almost glued to his and was squeezing him a little brought him to earth. Ryeowook looked up at Changmin who was looking at him all these time.
"He said he need to talk to Eunhyuk hyung. Now show me that cute acting. " Changmin let go of Ryeowook and pulled him to the sofa, making both of them sat on it.
"No really I'm not good at it, maybe we should call Sungmin here." Ryeowook shook his head.
"I will give you reward if you show me." Ryeowook with curious eyes looked up at smiling Changmin.
"What reward?" Ryeowook asked excited all of sudden.
"Something sweet."
"Bleh I don't like sweets that much." Ryeowook pouted. He didn't noticed how Changmin's eyes moved to his pouting lips for a second.
"Bubble tea too?" Ryeowook beamed immediately. He jumped in his seat and grabbed Changmin's shirt.
"You have bubble tea? Give me some!" Ryeowook jumped, oblivious that he was already acting cute and was almost jumping on Changmin's lap.
"Show me your cute act."
"I don't know how." Ryeowook huffed.
"Then look." Changmin looked around and noticed that no one was paying attention to them. He face Ryeowook and leaned closer, making Ryeowook catch his breath. "Kiaaa oppa..." Changmin mimicked his fans cute shouting at concerts. He put his hands on his cheeks and moved his head cutely. When he was done he looked at stunned Ryeowook. "This way." He smiled embarrassed. He felt goosebumps all over his body, but he will do everything to see Wook's cute act.
"I will not ruin my image that much." Ryeowook diverted his eyes, but when Changmin slapped his arm playfully he huffed and nodded his head. Donghae said that to get Changmin's heart he need to show him some cute act, because Changmin liked cute things, despite his dark and serious aura.
Ryeowook faced Changmin and took a big breathe. Now or never, he thought to himself, then jumped at Changmin and buried his face in the other's chest.
"R-Ryeowook?" Changmin asked little stunned at the other sudden and weird act. Immediately after these words, Ryeowook raised his head with a cute pout, sticking his lower lip out.
"Give me reward." Ryeowook cutely said as his upper body moved closer to Changmin's. Suddenly, without thinking Changmin leaned and kissed Ryeowook's pouty lips with his own, claiming these rosy lips that drove him crazy for a few months. Feeling no response from Ryeowook he pulled away, only to see Ryeowook with wide eyes from shock.
"Ryeo..." Changmin's words were cut when Ryeowook jumped at his lap and kissed his passionately, pouring all his feeling into that kiss. They didn't noticed some eyes on theme, or cheering Donghae behind Eunhyuk's back.
"Done, now give me reward." Ryeowook said with a grin after they pulled away. Changmin smirked at him, knowing that their feeling for each other were mutual.
"You get two." He laughed when Ryeowook looked shocked at him, but quickly catch up. Changmin only said about something sweet and kissing the one he love is sweet thing indeed.
"But I wanted bubble tea!" Ryeowook demanded.
"I will buy it when we will have our first date." Changmin leaned for a third kiss but Ryeowook ducked his face, making Changmin look at him astonished. He looked like a gapped fish without water and Ryeowook bit his lip preventing himself from laughing. "Please?" Changmin stuck his lower lip out and made doe eyes at Ryeowook, making the man on his lap laugh and lean for a third kiss.

Colors and Harmony

Title: Colors and Harmony
Author: ita90
Pairing: Kyuwook
Genre: romance, slice of life
Warning: unbeted
Disclaimer: I own only my story, but I want to own the boys too T.T
Summary: His life would be gray if the other man didnt' show him colors.          .

Grey, grey and grey. Everything is grey like clouds in the rainy days. No colors, no emotions, no feeling, nothing. Everything for Kim Ryeowook was grey and without colors. No attachment, no inspirations.
He sighed as he sink to his knees before a white canvas. His hand hold an brush but there is no paint on it, no color. He tried to remember, tried to recall the times he was happy, the times where he still could see colors. He saw them in his memories, yet they didn't bring him the inspiration he needed. They didn't bring him colors he so much want to have.
"What are you doing?" Someone asked behind him, making Ryeowook turn around and see no other than his university music prodigy, Cho Kyuhyun. He knew the man, everyone knew him somehow. Cho Kyuhyun is  music major prodigy who won a lot of first places in music contests  with his heavenly voice. But Ryeowook don't only remember him because of that. He remember the man because of small incident that happen two weeks ago.
Ryeowook was in his usual spot in university's garden eating his lunch when he heard talk of his two classmates not so far from him. They were talking about him. He knew they didn't see him or else they wouldn't say things they said back then. They were talking how Ryeowook got the scholarship in the university and entered the university freely just because he won a national prize with his painting. They talked about how they don't understand how he could win it because Ryeowook didn't show up any good painting in the year he was in the university. They said, he didn't have talent and probably bribed the jury to make him won it. It pained Ryeowook to heard their words, but he couldn't do anything with it, because half of it was true. Ryeowook didn't paint anything good when he entered the university. He lost colors that were with him. His life turned grey.
When his classmates went away from where Ryeowook was, he took out the sketch book and pencil set. He needed to show them that he is still good. He took the first color in the set and put the tip of it on the white paper, nothing. His hand was shaking, but didn't move, his head went blank and he only could see grey. Teardrop from his eyes fell onto the paper and he quickly wiped off his eyes. He will not cry, not here, he said to himself back then. And when Ryeowook mumbled encouraged words to himself he lifted his head and his eyes landed on a person. His heart quicken its speed, eyes widened a little from amazement. All these because he saw blue instead of grey. He saw the color in the person he was looking at. The popular singer Cho Kyuhyun was colored in blue, like a blue drop in the ocean of grey nothing. When Kyuhyun smiled then laughed, Ryeowook's breathe hitched as the blue burst from Kyuhyun's body, creating palette of blue colors.
That day Ryeowook painted the grey painting that had a blue man in the center. The painted man looked like he was walking in the grey world, changing it gradually. With this painting, Ryeowook got the highest mark and no one dared to say anything about his paintings.

But it's then and now he can't paint anymore, not even blue things.  He turned away from Kyuhyun and his blue color that he sees every time he looks at the man.
"I'm asking you. It's rude not to answer you know." Kyuhyun said this time closer.
"Nothing." Ryeowook murmured as he looked at his lap. In the corner of his eyes he noticed that Kyuhyun took a sit next to him on the floor.
"I clearly see that you are painting something, otherwise you wouldn't sit here before the canvas with the brush." Ryeowook couldn't look at the other. He felt painful pain in his chest when he saw the blue instead of other colors on Kyuhyun. He was greedy he wanted to see all colors.
"I can't paint." Ryeowook whispered it to himself but Kyuhyun was able to hear him. The singer looked at the painter shocked. his eyes were bright like a clear waterfall blue water.
"You can't?! But painting is not that hard!" Kyuhyun commented. He squeezed out some random color on the wooden painting board then took Ryeowook's wrist in his hold.  Before the painter would said his protest, Kyuhyun dip the brush, that Ryeowook was holding in that hand, in yellow paint then smeared the paint into the canvas, creating a long yellow line. "See it's simple." Kyuhyun beamed looking at Ryeowook who finally looked at him back.
"No!" Ryeowook gasped and snatched his hand from Kyuhyun's hold. Painted brush dirtied the singers' hand. "Sorry." Ryeowook apologized.
"No harm done."
"Look it's already a painting." Kyuhyun pointed at the canvas before them, making Ryeowook look at it too.
"I told you it's not..."
"Shut up, this is masterpiece. things like that can be sold for millions." Kyuhyun laughed and looked at Ryeowook who looked at him again. "We can get millions if we will work together." That sentence was what Ryeowook needed to change Kyuhyun's color. The man's beaming smile, happy twinkling eyes and his whole radiant face change the color Ryeowook saw in him and made his heart meat rapidly.
"Red." Ryeowook mumbled as the color from blue, splashed to suddenly and so strong before him turning into red with yellow endings.
"What?" Kyuhyun smiled at the other clueless and titled his head, but Ryeowook didn't answer but turned to the canvas and started painting. His hand moved, brushed changed, colors changed as the painting started to be blue turned to be red. Ryeowook lost in his thought, in his two colored world didn't noticed how Kyuhyun was looking at him, so deep in his own thoughts.


It was two months ago when Ryeowook saw different colors than grey. After that day when Kyuhyun's color changed to red one the singer showed up in Ryeowook's life more often. In Ryeowook's point of view, he was like a red sunrise after the dark night. He would always blind Ryeowook's grey world with his radiant smile and hyper personality. At first Ryeowook would whine and mumble curses under his mouth because Kyuhyun was too weird for his liking, but he couldn't deny that the singer brighten his life. He wasn't in all grey world he could see blue and red again. Two colors that made him paint a decent paintings and feel the swelling feeling of accomplishment when he painted some good things. He can't deny that it was thanks to Kyuhyun.
"Done?!" Kyuhyun suddenly showed up in Ryeowook's classroom where his class was practicing drawing. Ryeowook looked up at the singer and shook his head then point at the clock on the wall. "We ended quicker and it's only five minutes left." Kyuhyun said as he went to Ryeowook. The singer didn't bother to hear the teacher complain.
"But we are still in class. I need to finish this nude sketch..." Ryeowook protested when Kyuhyun grabbed his hand and tried to drag him out.
"Later. Later I will let you drawing me nude so just go with me." Kyuhyun said as he successfully managed to get Ryeowook out from the classroom, leaving yelling teacher behind.
Kyuhyun dragged Ryeowook to the basement where studios and music practices take place.
"Why you are dragging me here?" Ryeowook asked, but Kyuhyun just pushed them to the empty practice room and closed the door behind them. He told Ryeowook to sit on the empty chair and when he did, Kyuhyun ran to one of the corners and picked up the keyboard that was there.
"Just listen." Kyuhyun commanded and he took an empty chair next to Ryeowook. The painted furrowed his brows confused. He knew Kyuhyun could sing, but the singer never told him he could play too. "This is my first composition I made. I wanted you to listen to it. I'm bad at playing the piano but I'm still learning." Kyuhyun's cheeks painted in pink and Ryeowook was glad he could see different shade of red.
"Just play it." Ryeowook encouraged the other and Kyuhyun nodded his head. He coughed once then started playing. Ryeowook could tell just by looking at Kyuhyun's fingers that they other saw still struggling with the keyboard but said nothing. The music filled the room and get inside Ryeowook's heart. The melody was sweet and Ryeowook thought for a second that if the melody could have a color it would be orange or yellow; warm and cozy. Suddenly Kyuhyun made a mistake then whinnied frustrated.
"I knew it's bad." Kyuhyun said as his fingers left the keys.
"It was nice I enjoyed it." Ryeowook lightly patted the other's arm and smiled at him.
"They the lyrics. Let me sing it. I sing better." Kyuhyun smiled awkwardly, still feeling the bitterness of failure he just made with his playing. "1,2,3..." Kyuhyun started singing and Ryeowook lost a breathe for a second. He heard Kyuhyun's voice and how the other sang, but never so close to him, never for him and only him to listen:
"Stay here forever, I love you, deep down to the bones .
Sincerely... Sincerely..
Hold onto me tightly and never let me go, like oxygen, you are necessary
I need you... I need you ...
Look how I met you, how hard it was
I returned repeatedly to meet you again
Don't go, stay here and never let me go
Please, breathe with me... "

As Kyuhyun was singing Ryeowook could only look at him. Him breathe steadied, eyes looked at the singing male. Kyuhyun's voice, his expression as he looked at Ryeowook while singing, they all made Ryeowook forget about the world. He could see emotions in the singer's voice and eyes that pierced his so strongly.  Ryeowook was a painter and show his emotions on canvas but he understood Kyuhyun, who shows his by his voice and eyes. He could feel how the words sink inside him, warmed his heart. He could see how Kyuhyun's now red color changed, showing various of colors, making  the painter realize that he is the one that created the colors. Kyuhyun was the first drop of not grey ink, but it was Ryeowook who colored Kyuhyun, who spread the blue then changed it to red on Kyuhyun.
When Kyuhyun ended singing, he opened his closed eyelids and he looked at Ryeowook. His eyes looked softly at the other, showing the hiding feeling he had for the other.
"Don't say anything." Ryeowook cut him then regret it afterwards, when he saw Kyuhyun's expression changed to pained one. To make it right, to make Kyuhyun look at him so brightly again, Ryeowook done what he felt he should. "Feel it." Ryeowook said as he leaned and kissed Kyuhyun. He knew he can't taste colors but he swear Kyuhyun tasted like a rainbow. The colors splashed under his closed eyes, painting his grey world in various colors when Kyuhyun kissed him back. He unconsciously knew that he wasn't the only one who was living in word without something. He could see that Kyuhyun was in soundless world until he met Ryeowook.  But it was the past now. The colors went brighter when Kyuhyun hugged him and run his hands over his back and hair. Ryeowook could hear how the colors inside his head  sang faintly and he knew Kyuhyun done it all. He could taste and feel the colors and hear the music that Kyuhyun heard as he kissed the painter. And when they parted from each other, Ryeowook could still see the colors of rainbows and Kyuhyun could still hear the music.

The End                 .